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OneBiz Brunei Darussalam

Introduction Info

OneBiz of Negara Brunei Darussalam is a one stop online portal to ease the starting up of businesses in Brunei Darussalam. OneBiz presents to the businessman a simple,usable web-based user interface that allows him to apply for licences required or his business online. With OneBiz businessman is able to search for licences that he will be required to apply for his business, track his ongoing licence applications as well as make payment for his approved licences. OneBiz’s business assistant (OBAS) is an intelligent navigation system which automatically determines licences which are mandatory to a business activity. On top of that, OBAS also intelligently retrieve out licences which may be required for the business activity.

Businesses which still need business licenses are businesses under Establishment of health and beauty such as massages, sauna, spas, gyms, aerobic, aromatheraphy, body slimming treatment, manicure & padicure, reflexology, saloons and other listed activity under Establishment of Health and Beauty as identiy by related authority. OneBiz provides services by receiving public request, inquiries, complaints & feedback from end-users thru Talian Darussalam 123. 

For more info, please visit OneBiz Brunei Darussalam main website here [1]