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Land Transport Department (LTD) is a Road Transport Enforcement Authority of Brunei Darussalam. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications, is the government authority mandated to look after and to be responsible for holistic transportation guidelines and policy, provide an integrated approach to the planning of transport systems. Liaison with international and Regional partnerships and monitor commitment and obligations. The main objectives are creating an effective, easy and secure land transport system due to increase contribution of the transport industry sector towards the country's economic development and increase safety level of road and vehicles as well as public's compliance on road traffic laws and regulations. Land Transport Department (LTD), mission is to ensure accessible, efficient, safe and satisfactory transport infrastructure and services for the mobility of goods and people in Negara  Brunei Darussalam and within the region. While vision is "Towards​ Efficient, Effective, Safe and Integrated Land Transport".

Land Transport Department (LTD),

  • 1907 :   First footpath was built between Residency and Brunei Town at Jalan Subok.
  • 1914 :   60 miles road under pilot scheme was constructed to link Brunei Town and Kuala Belait.
  • 1924 :   The Road Traffic Act chapter 68 was firstly introduced in 1924 and was known as "The Traction Engines and Motor Cars Enactment 1924".
  • 1926 :   21 unit vehicles were firstly registered in 1926.
  • 1928 :   The government bus service was launched from Tutong District and Belait District at a distance of 35 miles.
  • 1929 :   45 unit of vehicles were registered and 58 drivers were issued the Driving License by the Police Department.
  • 1930 :   Number of vehicles registered increased to 73 units.
  • 1950 :   1,500 vehicles were registered ( 975 vehicles were registered in Kuala Belait and 225 in Brunei Muara District ) while 2,048 Driving Licenses were issued.
  • 1954 :  "The Traction Engine And Motor Cars Enactment 1924" ​was amended and known as the "The Road Traffic Enactment 1954". Enforcement and administration was regulated by the Chief Police Officer.
  • 1960 :   7,992 vehicles were registered and 7,519 Driving Licenses were issued with a total income of $294,212.00.
  • 01 January 1962 :  The Land Transport Department (LTD) was established in Bandar Seri Begawan and Dato Paduka Inche Abd Ghani bin Jamil became the First Controller of Land Transport.
  • 01 January 1969 :  LTD was transferred to a one story building at Km 5 Jalan Gadong ( known as Brunei / Muara District branch).
  • 1984 : The Road Traffic Enactment 1955 amended and rename as Road Tracffic Act Chapter 68.
  • 25 July 1996 :  LTD moved to its present Headquarters Building Km 6 Beribi, Jalan Gadong.

Land Transport Department mission are to provide transportation infrastructure and services for the mobility of goods and people within Brunei Darussalam and from neighboring countries.

LTD provides services by receiving public request, inquiries, complaints & feedback from end-users thru Talian Darussalam 123 which covered:-

  • Request for Vehicle License & Public Service Franchise (Permit)
  • Inquiries about tender issued by MTLA
  • MTLA Complaints (business and heavy vehicles)
  • Licensing and Registration Of Vehicles
  • Application Of Driving License
  • Other technical services

For more info, please visit Land Transport Department website here

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