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E-Darussalam is a ‘one-stop-shop’ government portal for the public on matters relevant to citizen, government, business and visitor in Brunei Darussalam. It's provide services such as information on government services and e-services that include online services and downloadable forms.

The e-darussalam portal provides services such as:

  • e-Services comprising of online transactional services that requires login e.g. Renewal Driving License, non-transactional services e.g. HECAS and downloadable forms e.g. BruHIMs;
  • Useful government topics for citizen, government, business and visitor e.g. labour, immigration, education and many more; and
  • Other useful information e.g. Brunei Buses Route Map etc.

We strive to keep the e-services and contents up-to-date. And we aim to accommodate new e-services and keep the e-darussalam relevant for public consumption in the future.

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