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Where can I find the branches?

The Ease of Doing Business Unit is a unit under the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister's Office. Together with the various relevant agencies, we are committed in ensuring that the legal, an institutional and procedural framework of business related processes are conducive towards the development of the nation's business environment, thereby striving to realize the Wawasan 2035.

I want to make my Beauty or Health establishment? Where and How I apply this application?

Yes, you may apply for Beauty or Health establishment here that should be done:

1. An overview of Beauty and Health Establishment regulations
The Beauty & Health Establishment Order 2016 has been effective as of 1st January 2016. Understand the key points and what this means for your business.

2. Application and Inspection Process
By starting up a new beauty or health establishment in Brunei Darussalam that involves a simple process. Find out more about the application and inspection process.

For more info, please check our main official website here, www.business.gov.bn, or any enquiries directly through Talian Darussalam 123 Call Centre

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How Do I Start A Business?

What Are The Types Of Businesses / No Longer Requiring A Business License?

What are the required documents for a Local Company?

What are the required documents for a Foreign Company?

What is a Sole Propriertorship?

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What are the main requirement / application for Foreign Worker License?

Is there any Post-Approval Mandatory Inspection?

What are the main process for recruiting foreign workers? What are the new process that was implemented?

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How can I register property?

Where can I register LARIS?

LARIS enables Land Owner or the Advocates to apply land applications process by the Land Department, Ministry of Development through online application.
The types of applications processed online are as follows:-

  • Land Ownership Transfer
  • Change Of Land Title Special Condition
  • Land Charged To Financial Institutions
  • Land Charged To Financial Institutions
  • Lease Renewal for Private Land

What are the application procedures?

1.Land Owner or the Lawyer should first register to e-Darussalam portal.​
2. Choose the Type of Land Application.
3. Fill in the relevant Form Online.
4. Upload relevant original documents relevant scanned pdf format according to the checklist of (for) each application.
​5. All the information provided must be true and correct before pressing "Submit". If applicant is unsure, it is advised that the applicant press the "Save" button to store temporary information that has just been inputted.​ (Press "Save" button if unsure).

Where can I make my payment for this matter?

An Outstanding Annual Rent Payment must be paid before submitting any land applications.

What are the reminders if I apply LARIS?

1. If the application is found to have been falsified and incorrect, the application will not be accepted and will not be processed​.​
2. If the application is approved, all original documents and the original land title should be submitted to the Land Registration Section, at the respective district of the Land office. (Department).​​​
3. Before submitting any application, the Applicant need to verify the (that) name/IC number of land owner in the land title document is consistent with the name on IC number. If it is not consistent, the applicant need to submit a separate application for 'Land Title Ammendment - Name/IC number' at Land Department before applying Land Transfer of Ownership through LARIS.

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What are the construction permits?How to deal with permits?

1. Booking Scheduler
2. Planning Permission
3. Developement Approval Guidelines
4. Development Approval Application
5. Forms
6. Miscellaneous Application Forms
7. Water Connection

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How to gain a permit to dig?

1. Permit To Dig
2. Department of Electrical Services

Any complaints or enquiries regarding OneBiz can be directly through Talian Darussalam 123 Call Centre.