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Where Is The Payment Counter? And When Does It Open?

The following below are the TCP Department Offices by district and its opening time:-

Where Can I Get All The Application Forms?

All the application forms are be available at TCP counters in all the districts. You can also download the application form thru this link here.

Where Can I Submit My Application Forms Regarding on Earth Works or Building Extension Authorization?

The application should be submit to TCP counters according to district of the requested works or location.

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What Types Of Application That TCP Handled?

The following below are the applications that are processed by TCP Department:-

i. Authorization for the planning of building and earthworks
ii. Application for installation of business advertising signboards, promotion, banners, signboard on the building and notice signboard.
iii. Provides information to law firms regarding the development plan for land grants/titles.
iv. Consolidation or subdivision of land.

Are There Any Guidelines For Applications Processed By The Town And Country Planning Department?

Town and Country Planning Department have published guidelines for buildings and land development as following below :-

i. Guidelines for Planning Authorisation for the application of Land and Property, October 2012
ii. Planning Guideline for The Control of Signs and Advertisements, Jun 2008
iii. Guidelines on Land Development (Focus for the development in Environmentally Sensitive Areas), December 2009
iv. Planning Guidelines and Standards for Business Development, January 2011
v. Planning Guidelines and Standards for Industrial Development, March 2010
vi. Planning Guidelines and Standards for Housing Development, October 2013
vii. Planning Guidelines To Extension/Renovation For Semi - detached and Terrace Home for the Existing Brunei National Housing Scheme Area, October 2013
viii. Planning Guidelines for Subdivision and/or Consolidation of Land, October 2013

Who Will Submit The Application Request For The Planning Permission?

Applications must be submitted by the Qualified Person, the engineers and architects who are registered in the Ministry of Development.

How To Know Is The Architect Or Engineer Appointed Is A Qualified Person?

Lists of Qualified Person can be obtained from Authority, Building Control and Construction Industry (ABCI) Division under Ministry of Development.

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Should Any New Advertising Signboard, Banners Or Signboard Notice Have To Be Applied?

Yes, any new advertisement or notice signboard and banners should be applied first at TCP Department.

Where Can I Submit The Application For The Advertising Or Notice Signboard, Banners?

The application must be submitted to any of the TCP department branches according to district of the requested works or location.

Who Will Submit The Application Request For The Advertisement Signboards In PBYLKI Control Area?

The application should be submitted by the Advertising Company to TCP department.

What Are The Areas Under PBYLKI Control Meant?

The areas under PBYLKI are the entire Brunei Darussalam exception to the areas belong to Board of Council in Bandar Seri Begawan, Tutong, Kuala Belait and Seria.

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Should I Apply For The Permission To Expand / Renovate My Property?

Any development, renovation works or extension works to the property / building shall be applied to the TCP Department in advance.

Should I Then Applied For / Notified The TCP Department Regarding Any Changes Made To The Building (Extension/Reduction/Modification) Or Layout Of The Plan That Was Initially Being Approved?

Any modification or renovation of buildings / earthworks that has been approved of its development plan must applied again in advance even after it is being approved earlier during construction process or building approval.

Can I Developed My Property Without PBYLKK Consent?

According to the Town and Country Planning Act, 1972, if there is property development without the consent, TCP department may take enforcement action to the owners of land registered in the land titles. If convicted, owners could be sentenced to a fine of $ 20,000 or imprisonment up to 12 months. If failure to pay the fine, TCP Department will give notice to demolish any buildings that have been built without permission and all costs will be charged to the landowner / developer.

What Needs To Be Done If There Is An Addition To The Original Building Or If There Is Development Of Property Built On The Land Without The Approval?

It should be applied and reviewed by TCP Department through Qualified Person and any decision and approval will made by TCP Department.

Should Renovation Or Modification Of Buildings Or Business Premises And The Existing Industry Should Be Applied To TCP Department?

Yes, any modification or modification of buildings and industrial premises shall be applied first. The evaluation and assessment will be made by TCP Department whether it is appropriate and complied.

Should I Applied If There Is A Change In Plan Of The Residential Building / House Becoming Into Business Element / Property?

The change of use to residential building into a business element / property should be applied first. The evaluation and assessment will be made by TCP Department whether it is appropriate and complied.