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Where Do I Complaint On Ceiling, Doors, Mirror, And Damaged Wall?

Please dial Talian Darussalam Hotline 123 for the Department of Building Services and give your name, contact details, the location or address and the nature of the complaint. It is important that we are able to call you back on your complaint.

Department of Building Services will received your complaints for any building defects for Government Housings (MOD & JKR Housings, JPA Housings and Government Rented Houses).

Apart from the above Housings, please refer to Building Maintenance Section / Unit in the other Ministries if you have such building defect complaints as each Ministry has its own Building Maintenance Section / Unit.

What Are The Types Of Complaints Received From The Public For Department Of Building Services?

Department of Building Services receives complaints from Government Staff for complaints of building defects under Ministry of Development and Government Housings under JPA Housings, Government Rented Houses, and JKR & MOD Housings.

Department of Building Services will received the following complaints:

i. Defects in parts of building apart from mechanical and electrical defects.

ii. Anything related to the compound of buildings such as fencing, outside flooring or garage.

iii.Plumbing defects inside a building starting from water meter to the building. (Water meter not included)

What Government Housing That Are Currently Maintained By Department Of Building Services?

Department of Building Services maintains all MOD, JKR Housing, JPA Housing and also Government Rented Houses.

What Sort Of Complaint That Can Be Covered / Entertained By Department Of Building Services?

For Government Housings, tenants will not be entertained for complaints that cost below BND$100. Tenants are responsible for the small defects as agreed during signing the tenancy agreement.

For Government Buildings, staffs under MOD can complaint through calling Talian Darussalam Hotline 123 for any building defects.

What Is The TPOR For Department Of Building Services To Engage Complainants?

Department of Building Services standard workaround time to engage complainants are 3 working days. If complaints are received on Thursday, Department of Building Services will either engage complainants on that Thursday, next Saturday or following Monday. Building defects inspectors will not engage complainants on Friday, Sunday and public holidays.