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Where Can I Pay My Water Bills?

Water bills can be paid at Department offices stated below:-

Can I pay using my credit cards?

Yes, only at the department payment counters. Credit accepted are AMEX, Visa & Mastercard. Debit cards issued by Baiduri bank & BIBD are also accepted.

Can I pay by salary deduction?

Yes, currently the department has engaged the following banks which provide payment services as shown below:-

What should I do if I am approached by strangers claiming to be officers from Department of Water Services to collect direct payments or offering reduction of water bills?

The Department does not accept any on-site. Do not pay anything to them or accept any offers from them. You can report this matter to:-

• Any of Departments of Water Services mentioned above
• Contact Talian Darussalam hotline 123
• Email us at info@123.com.bn
• Or you can go to Talian Darussalam official website link here to lodge the complain
You can also report this matter to the Royal Brunei Police Force and Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Who Do You Call When Your House has No Water Supply?

Please dial Talian Darussalam Hotline 123 for the Department of Water Services and give your name, address and contact number. It is important that we are able to call you back on your complaint.

Do I Need To Install A Home Water Treatment Device Or Water Filter?

This is a consumer’s choice but he/she should be wise in getting all information on the product. Some systems are capable of stripping all the trace minerals in the water which is important for health. It is also important to properly maintain your system to make sure that bacteria doesn’t grow in the cartridge.

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How to Apply For Blue Water Tanks?

Please take and fill request blue water tank at JKR DWS Office or you can call Talian Darussalam Hotline 123 and give your name, address and contact number. It is important that we are able to call you back on your complaint. The request for the water tank is often limited and subject to availability.

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Why Is There No Water Supply in the Building / Residential House?

It is because of the following reasons:-

i. No water at main water reservoirs
ii. Main water pipe is burst or leak
iii. Valve at the water meter is broken
iv. Pipe connection leak especially at high area

Why Is The Water Pressure Low In My House?

In the event that you still have problems with your water quality, call Talian Darussalam Hotline 123 to lodge a complaint and DWS field team will find out what is wrong. Please remember to give your name, the correct address and contact number to help us in our investigations. Otherwise, there may be delays in rectifying the problems.

How Long Will It Takes To Repair And Water Problems?

This will be depending on the cause of the problems and the process of repairing the broken pipe.

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My Water Is Sometimes Brownish And Then Clears Up. What Is Happening?

When this happens, turn on your water tap and let the water runs for 5-10 min until it turns clear. This is usually caused by pipe maintenance in your area. If you have a water storage tank, you may also want to regularly clean the tank and remove all settled sediments at the bottom.

Why Is My Water Milky White?

Many times this is caused by air dissolved in the water. Fill a glass and let it sit. The cloudiness will disappear after a few minutes.

What Is The Black Stain In My Sink?

This is sign of presence of manganese, a harmless chemical in the water. It is colourless when dissolved in water but turns black after in contact with air. The stains caused by manganese can be cleaned with a household cleaner or special stain remover.

Where Does Drinking Water Come From?

Water is found in lakes, rivers, oceans on earth. This water makes up to 70% of the total earth surface. Water is important for life as plants, animals and human beings depend on it to live. Without water the plants will not grow and the animals will die.

How Does It Get Into Your House?

The water is pumped through a network of underground water pipes that eventually lead to your house. In Negara Brunei Darussalam, the water pipes networks runs for 2126 km which is 13 times the coastal length of Negara Brunei Darussalam.
Getting clean drinking water to your home is not a simple task. That’s why it is important that we use our water wisely and not waste it.

And How Does It Get So Clean?

Cleaning water is not like washing dirty dishes or dirty laundry with soap.

Water is pumped from rivers / dams / groundwater to the water treatment plant. The water treatment plant removes dirt and other particles, as well as bacteria and other germs that can make you sick.

The water treatment plant cleans your water by filtering out the particles. Water is then disinfected to remove harmful bacterial organisms.

How Is The Water Quality In Negara Brunei Darussalam?

The drinking water in Negara Brunei Darussalam follows the guideline set by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) specifically, the Drinking Water Quality Guideline (1993). In Negara Brunei Darussalam, the Department of Water Services holds responsibility for the production of drinking water for the whole country.

Hence, it closely monitors the quality of its water and is committed to ensure the water is safe for public use. Samples from community water systems are regularly collected for laboratory testing. The tests are for metals, inorganics and microbiological organisms.

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I Feel That I Don’t Use So Much Water, But Why Is My Water Bill High?

• Your water meter might be faulty. If so, the Department of Water Service will change it free of charge
• There might be water leakage(s) within your premises’ plumbing system where it needs to be immediately fixed
• If there is no faulty meter and no leakages, then it is your genuine usage. Therefore, you will need to monitor, check and control your water usage.

Why Is My Water Consumption Quantity And Bill Being Estimated?

When your water meter is being obstructed by your things example storage, flowerpots or gas cylinder (shop houses) or your place is guarded by dogs, this can prevent our meter reader’s access to read you water meter. Therefore, your bill is being estimated. The Department advises you to always keep your water meter clear and dogs to be tied or kept inside your compound.

What Is The Current Water Tariff?

I Never Receive Any Water Bills

Please make sure a post box is available at your house for water bills. There is a possibility that your water is not registered with a water account. Please visit to the nearest Department of Water Services office in your district for registration.

What If I Didn’t Pay My Bills Or I Have a Very High Outstanding Bills?

If payment is inactive, warning letters will be issued and followed by disconnection your water supply. For very high outstanding bills, installment payment scheme can be arranged.

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When Should I Apply a New Water Account? And How?

For new house, you should apply for a water account as soon as construction works begin. For rented house, you should apply for a water account as soon as you have moved into the house. Please visit to nearest Department of Water services in your district for registration.

How do I terminate My Water Account When I Vacate The House/Premises?

Please visit to nearest Department of Water services in your district for termination of your water account.

What If I don’t terminate My Water Account?

Since the water account for the address is still attached to your name, any future water usages will still be charged under your water account. Therefore, termination of water account is very important.