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Where Is The Payment Counter? And When Does It Open?

Public can pay the annual land tax to any of these offices regardless to which districts that the land are located, however this do not apply for LTS (Lesen Tumpang Sementara), duty stamp and other services. LTS, duty stamp and others service must apply thru by district offices to which the land are located.

The following below are the Land Department Offices by district and its opening time:-

What Types Of Application That Land Department Handled? And Where To Get The Application Forms?

The following below are the applications that are processed by Land Department:-

i. Land Transfer Application
ii. Land Inheritance Application
iii. Extension for Land Grant Application – MKG
iv. Land Replacement Application
v. Government Land Leases Application
vi. Land Subdivision Application
vii. Personal Land Leases Application
viii. Land Lease to Financial Institute / Agency Application
ix. Land Grant replacement (Lost/torn/burnt)
x. Name Correction for Land Grant Application

To get the application forms, it is available thru online here and at the Land Department Office for all districts.

What Are The Roles Of Responsibilities For Land Department?

i. Maintaining an updated and keep saving for Land Application / Registration
ii. Application for Land ownership and its transactions
iii. Provide Report for Paperwork regarding on Land Affairs for higher authority consideration / approval
iv. Collecting all the Land revenues and taxes
v. Examining the use and development of land
vi. Decommission of the State / Government Land
vii. Issuing Temporary Occupation License (LTS), Land Permit, Sand and Stone Gravels
viii. Issuing letter of permission for land development outside the Control Area
ix. Issuing letter of permission on transporting of soil, sand and stone gravel
x. Issuing license for permission for the land development (for land outside the jurisdiction of Town & Country Planning and the Municipal Board) for e.g. construction of a building or earthworks

What Types Of Annual Land Tax? And How Much Is The Tax For Each Of Land Types?

The following below are the annual tax for each of the land types:-

Note: Lands that are under within the Jurisdiction of Municipal Board Department, Ministry of Home Affairs