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What is e-Darussalam? What information and services can i find in it?

e-Darussalam portal is a "one stop shop" portal to find Government information, e-Services and others including:
required documents
contact details

Downloadable application forms are also provided at the e-Services tab. We will continue to add more and future Government information on e-services. In the future, all Government e-services will be available from e-Darussalam portal.

Which Government Ministry or Department is in charge of e-Darussalam?

e-Darussalam portal is maintained by e-Government National Centre (EGNC), Prime Minister Office (see contact details) in coordination with all Government Ministries and Departments.

Where can I get further information regarding e-Darussalam?

Please visit www.gov.bn for further information

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Can more than one person share an e-Darussalam log in account or profile?

No. An e-Darussalam profile is only tied to one IC and cannot be shared.

How do I change my e-Darussalam's profile details? (Email Address, phone number, personal question and answer)

In the Update User Profile Form,
• Enter IC Number and Password
• Type in the fields or boxes that you want to update.
• Please make sure the email address, phone numbers, personal question and answers are correct. Click "Edit" to make the changes.
• Before submits, please Review the Changes and Submit.
• Else Select "Previous Settings" if you want to restore the details before changes are made. And click "Cancel" to exit the form.

Note: You will not be able to change your IC Number from this form. If you have entered wrong IC Number and you want to make changes please contact Talian Darussalam at 123 or email to info@123.com.bn, and please provide your IC Number, Full Name and Contact Details. OR go to E-Darussalam Activation Counters for more enquiries.

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How do I activate my E-Darussalam Account?

To activate, you must have already:
• Registered e-Darussalam account online; and
• Received an acknowledgement email from e-darussalam@egc.gov.bn
• Please visit to any authorised Government counters, and take note on the counter you visit;
• Bring along your original Identification Certificate (I.C.) for one-time activation.

Which Counter Should I Visit to activate my E-Darussalam Account?

The activation counters are as listed below:

  • Land Transport Department Headquarters, Beribi
  • Public Service Commission, 1st Floor
  • Job Centre Brunei, KM8 Jalan Perindustrian (Bekas Bangunan BINA) Unit Perancangan dan Dasar Tenaga Manusia, Energy and Industry (EIDPMO)
  • Business Facilitation Center (BFC), Energy and Industry Department.

Branches for Business Facilitation Center (BFC), Energy and Industry Department are:

Brunei dan Muara Branch
Aras Bawah
Bangunan Design & Technology,
Simpang 32-37,
Taman Teknologi Anggerek Desa

Belait Branch
Aras Bawah
Jabatan Bandaran Kuala Belait Dan Seria
Kuala Belait KA1131
Kementerian Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri

Branches for Department of Electrical Services are:​

Brunei and Muara District
Headquarter Branch
DES HQ Building, Berakas,
Old Airport Lama, Berakas  BB3510

Bandar Branch
Bahagian Pengurusan Hasil, Jalan Kianggeh
Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel : +673 2225936

Sengkurong Branch
Jalan Tutong, BG1121, Sengkurong
Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel : +673 2260440

Muara Branch
Spg. 18, Kg. Sabun,
Jalan Tanjung Batu Muara
Muara BT2128​
Tel : +6732770245​

Belait District
Sungai Liang Branch
Jabatan Perkhidmatan Elektrik,
Unit 4, Block C, Lot 985,
Jln kecil Sg liang, Kg. Gana.
Tel : -

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I forgot my e-Darussalam password

Please go to this link and click the link “I forgot my password”. You will be directed to the e-Darussalam Forgot Password page. Please enter your IC Number and Email Address under the Personal Details to get your new e-Darussalam password. After you click next, you will be prompted with “Personal Question and Answer” for further validation. You will received an email notification regarding on your new password from E-Darussalam.

I forgot my email address that I used for my E-Darussalam Registration

If you remember your E-Darussalam account password but not the email address you used during E-Darussalam registration, please go to this link , enter your IC number and your E-Darussalam account password. Once you successfully login, you will be able to edit your Personal Details (except your IC Number), Contact Details and Personal Question and Answer.

If you forgot both your email address and your E-Darussalam account password, you can ask TD123 to check for the email address registered for your E-Darussalam account. However, to change the email address, you need to visit an E-Darussalam activation counter. This is for verification purposes to safeguard your E-Darussalam account from unauthorized access.

I am not able to change my e-Darussalam password

Please go to this link to change password.
When using Change Password form, please ensure the following below:
• Enter the correct IC Number
• Enter the new password (The new password needs to fulfill all the password criteria, combination of Alphanumeric and Special Character, for example: ahmad_123)
• Enter the current password.

Note: We recommend that you copy and paste the password in the email message sent by e-darussalam@egc.gov.bn. It should be the most recent email with the subject title:
• e-Darussalam: Change Password Notification (if you have previously changed your password) OR
• e-Darussalam: Account Activation Notification (if you have activated your account).

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I have trouble log in to the chosen e-services

First Time Log-in
If this is your first time logging in with your e-Darussalam password, please Change Password.

Repeat Failed Attempts
If you are getting the following error messages:-

“Access to this user account is temporarily denied due to repeat failed attempts. Please try again later.“
“Please wait 15 minutes before you log in again.”
“Please make sure you have entered the correct IC Number and password.”
“If you have forgotten your password, please select "Forgot Password" button”

Other Problems
If you are still experiencing problems, please contact Talian Darussalam at 123 or email to info@123.com.bn, and please provide your IC Number, Full Name and Contact Details.

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Will my Personal information be collected?

Please view Privacy Policy of e-Darussalam portal for more information.

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Where can I get the information regarding the services and forms of e-Darussalam portal

Please go to this link for further information about services and forms.